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Do not wait for the next Festival  to have your last production being known 
As from to day enroll at the MIF-Sciences Net trophy" the Scientific film Box office on the net".
All you need to do:

Send this form duly completed together with your video film to MIF Sciences.

Enrollment is free of charge .  How does it works?  

-Once received the video is viewed by Audio visual scientific specialists (Producers, 
Distributors, Press, Scientists, Artists, Communication teachers and students etc…)

-The project is then registered by theme under the European or International selection.

-Two copies are forwarded to our European and International associates   (Festival directors,
 Distributors, Broadcasters, International Producers associations, film Libraries etc…)

-The jury of associated Festivals views selected projects (as non-competitors).

-The projects are ranked with films already "nominated."

-The Producer of the year will be elected for being at the Top list for the longest period
 of time (or cumulative period of time). Prizes or nominations received by the film producer 
or the film at other major festivals (such as grand Slam) might be considered for this election.

Our objectives:

A Willingness:
To extend our documentation base with an easy access to distributors.
To distribute to the public at a reasonable price videos of successful productions.
To do this the Mif- Sciences distribution:
-Will use your own distributor (please give us details)
- Or you could ask us to distribute your production.

-A draft distribution contract could be sent by Email 
(Print and fill up document)
-Representation and broadcasting authorization.

For the promotion
Authorization to use pictures to illustrate the film presentation form
and to be sent to the press and media.
Authorization to use film abstracts for the media 's promotion
(Internet,TV,Satellite and /or cable television)

For the cultural performances
Authorization to present, within our selection under MIF-Sciences net trophy label,
in partnership or in associated events such as, scientifics nights, festivals ,audio-visual 
meetings etc..for both MIF-Sciences or Net-trophy events.
As the competitions are free of charge,tapes will not be returned and will be stored by
 MIF-Sciences.If under exceptional circumstances copies of the tapes are to be returned 
the processing, mailing, bank charges will be requested before any return.